Frogger Pinball

Konami hat für Facebook und iOS Geräte ein Frogger Pinball veröffentlicht, anbei die Infos zu dem Game.

Die offizielle Pressemitteilung findet Ihr unterhalb, sowie einige Screenshots des Flippers.

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: Live!
Platform(s): Facebook and iTunes
Genre: Arcade / Pinball
Multiplayer: Online Leaderboards

Brief Game Description:
Defeat new and old enemies to rescue Lily and save Frogger’s home from the evil clutches of RoboCroc. It’s pinball with a twist as Frogger curls up into a ball and rolls, flips and leaps his way to victory.
Play on incredibly detailed pinball tables with 3D rendered graphic, ramps and realistic physics. Use the flippers to shoot the ball up ramps, hit targets and unlock special modes including BOSS BATTLES, FROGGER FRENZY and MULTIBALL.

Game Modes:
Frenzy – Facebook / iTunes (Frogger Frenzy version)
60 seconds with unlimited pinballs. How high can you score? How many enemies can you defeat? It’s a race against time to get the highest score possible. Take first place on the leaderboards with your friends in a weekly tournament!

Story Mode – iTunes (Full and Trial version of Frogger Pinball)
Play the Swamp, City and Space stages in order to complete the story. You must defeat the Boss on each stage before proceeding to the next stage. Start the game with three pinballs.

Challenge Mode – iTunes (Full and Trial version of Frogger Pinball)
One pinball and unlimited time. How high can you score?

Key Features
• Four Stages: Swamp, City, Space (each inspired by the original arcade game) and Winter.
• Power-Ups – Spend Eco Energy or Emeralds on Power-Ups to make Frogger more powerful and get higher scores.
• Tournaments: Compete against your friends in a weekly tournament for first place.
• Enemies – Each stage features four enemies, each with their own abilities and attacks.
• Collect – Collect and spend Eco Energy to unlock special power ups and features.