Dungeon Defenders neuer DLC und Screenshots

Für zwei Wochen kostenlos ist der neue DLC (Downloadable Content) zu Dungeon Defenders von Trendy Entertainment erhältlich, anbei erste Screenshots von der PR-Firma des Herstellers.

Nur interessante für Fans der Serie, aber denen wollten wir die News natürlich nicht vorenthalten :-) Anbei auch die offizielle Pressemitteilung:

Trendy Entertainment announced today that available now on Steam, absolutely free for two weeks only, the Jester is here to change things up in Dungeon Defenders. This new class introduces chaos with her ability to wield any weapon. Also, instead of towers, the Jester drops gift-wrapped “Presents” that explode on enemies to reveal random defenses and bonuses. Players will definitely want to get their hands on this character soon, because after these first two weeks she’ll set you back $3.99.

That’s not all, though – beyond the Jester’s Wheel of Fortuna (which grants random bonuses and can decimate friends and foe alike) and Move Tower (allowing her to adapt defensive strategies and react to any combat situation) abilities, a brand new map called GameLand makes its debut. With four brand-new weapons and a male Jester skin (the Fool), this DLC pack is definitely worth picking up.