Videogames for kids : TGS 2018 Family Game park

Nachtrag zur Tokyo Game Show 2018 von unserem Reporter vor Ort Mr. rhymytsift-san: „Family Game park“ is a special area

TGS 2018 Day 4: Cosplay Fans

Liveberricht von rhythmsift-san aus Japan zum letzten Messetag der Tokyo Games Show 2018:

Cosplay Fashion Show I

On 23th Sep. 2018 the „Cosplay Fashion Show“ is held by performers of Cosplay Collection Night.

„DEATH STRANDING“ Special Stage at Playstation booth

SIE shows „DEATH STRANDING special stage“ for the endroll of TGS2018 Playstation booth.

TGS 2018 Day 2: Cosplay Gals & Guys

TGS 2018 day2, so many number of game company are in the Makuhari Messe!

TGS 2018 Day 1: Cosplay Gals & Guys

Wie jedes Jahr schmücken sich die Anbieter auf der jährlichen Tokyo GameShow mit männlichen und weiblichen Cosplay-Models.

TAITO Booth TGS 2018

TAITO is back to TGS2018! Taito shows home-arcade consoles “ ARCADE 1UP “ : Space invader, Pacman and Galaga (Yes!

rhythmsift live from the TGS2018

Here we go, rhythmsift is and blogs live from Tokyo GameShow @ the Makuhari Messe in Chiba TGS2018.

TGS 2017 Review by Mr. Takumi Suidu-san (in English)

VR, e-sports and indies booths are very exciting this year. Nintendo Switch, Playstation4 consoles and PC gaming are the current

TGS 2016: Booth Ladies, Boys and Robots :)

As every year, there wasn’t only Booth Ladies, but also Booth Boys and Robots at the Tokyo GameShow 2016 :)

TGS2016 Overview Part One: No surprise but highly satisfied

The 20th TGS – Tokyo Game Show 2016 just finished last week. This year’s TGS has been less surprising in

TGS 2016: Sony PlayStation Booth

The big news at the Sony PlayStation both was the PS4 Pro which was presented before two weeks in New

TGS 2016: BandaiNamco

Tekken, NARUTO, Dragon Ball, Taiko No Tatsujin – you know BandaiNamco :)

TGS 2016: Cosplay

Tons of Cosplayers visited the Tokyo Game Show 2016 as always at the last day of the yearly show –

TGS 2016: Capcom Booth

Megami Meguri gets currently only released in Japan, but the Devil May Cry Series, the worlds of Monster Hunter and

TGS 2016 – Day 4

The 4th day at the Tokyo Game Show is always the second public day and the busiest day as it

TGS 2016 – Day 2

The number of exhibitors was in 2015 about 480 companies and organisations this years more then 500 are on the

TGS 2016 – Day 1

The first two days are business days, everything was packed and busy as always at the Tokyo Game Show.

CosPlay @ TGS2015 – Part II

Die letzten beiden Tage ist die TGS auch auch für öffentliches Publikum, nicht nur für das Fachpublikum zugänglich, traditionell findet

Rhythmsift auf der TGS2014 – Part 2

So, nun also Teil 2 von Rhythmsift’s Kommentaren zur TGS2014, der jährlich stattfindenden Tokyo GameShow auf dem Makuhari Messe Gelände

Rhythmsift auf der TGS2014 – Part 1

Unser Mann vor Ort, Mr. Rhythmsift-san kam mit folgenden Eindrücken von der Tokyo GameShow 2014 zurück: